3 Reasons you should be addicted to birdhouses  


Fall has arrived. The leaves are changing colors, the temperatures begin to drop and the people are getting all giddy about the Holiday season just around the corner. Energy is high and the positive vibes take flight. Everyone is happy. Unless they are around that one family member threatening to play Christmas music in the middle of October. We get it Doreen, you love Christmas, but can you at least wait for Thanksgiving to pass? Please?? 

As Fall arrives, it becomes a time to settle in, gift shop, and prepare for the months ahead, however, there is one group out there ready to abandon the holiday spirit as soon as possible... 

BIRDS! That's right! Our furry little winged friends!

Birds take flight all year round, constantly travelling back and forth, North and South, avoiding the cold weather like the bubonic plague. Their active lifestyle can get tiring though so having a place to reside is pretty important! Coffeys Creations custom birdhouses provides creative, quirky, garden décor for homeowners and birds alike. For those avid bird watchers and bird connoisseurs, one thing is for certain; birds can be great garden companions if you treat them like such! So why not supply them with a place you and the birds will love?!

If you've ever taken the time to look out your window or listen to the songs of your feathery backyard tenants you understand just how nice it is to be surrounded by nature's greatest singers. Below we have listed 3 of our most compelling reasons why birdhouses are a must in home and garden décor. 















Bugs are gross. Plain and simple. To us humans anyways... But for birds, the majority of bugs are a delicacy and I can tell you right now birds are more than happy to assist in consuming the pests around your home making for a cleaner, less cringy environment.







Ok, I know that is not the saying, but the point behind this reason is that no single bird is going to occupy a birdhouse. As long as you have a birdhouse in your yard, you can expect a family of aviators to occupy the space provided. These humble abodes provide shelter and security for thousands of birds and their families and honestly, you'd be shocked at just how loyal they are once they move in! 



You’ve heard of “keeping up with the Joneses”, but have you ever heard of “staying ahead of the Joneses”? No? It’s a step up from keeping up. These birdhouses will not only make the Joneses jealous, they will have birds of many competing for these stand-out properties. 

Got birds? 

If you have birds in your backyard and want to learn more about them let us know! We are more than happy to help you identify which species you have hanging around and which style birdhouse would be right for you!

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