Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I know my birdhouse will attract birds?

Chances are birds are everywhere in your yard, tucked away in the trees. With the right dimensions and entrance hole size your birdhouse will pull those birds out of the woods and into your yard where you can see them!

Q: How should I install my birdhouse?

Up to you! The two ways we recommend are either by hook (hanging) or mounted on a pole. Our first recommendation would be to mount the birdhouse on a pole due to it's stability and protection from squirrels and other predators. But both are acceptable installation methods!

Q: What happens if my birdhouse does not withstand the New England weather conditions?


Here in New England we know just how brutal the weather can be. If your birdhouse is damaged by any natural disaster (i.e. Snow, hail, debris, etc.) please send clear photos of the damage to and we will review the conditions of the birdhouse. Please see our Refund/Return Policy for more information!


Q: Does Coffeys Creations ship orders outside of Massachusetts?

Currently we do not. We only ship within the Commonwealth of Massachusetts at this time. We are working on changing this in order to cater to more customers within New England and the United States.

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