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A Little Bit About Us...

Since 2019, Kevin Coffey and Kyle Coffey have turned their long-time aspirations of running their own small business into a reality. This father-son duo has always emphasized bringing joy to others through arts and crafts in their own unique way. After taking down a couple of big pine trees in their backyard in Grafton, MA, Kevin and Kyle ended up with more wood than they could fathom. But, instead of using the wood as a heat source for summer campfires, their creativity got the best of them and their first birdhouse was crafted. It wasn't long before they began playing around with different birdhouse designs, incorporating quirky themes like outhouses, lean-tos, and barns! The two of them collaborated and decided on a logo, drew up plans for a website and shortly thereafter, the rest became history.


Now, Kevin and Kyle are proud to present to you Coffeys Creations! 

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Who We Are

Owners Kevin and Kyle Coffey are natives of the town of Westborough, MA. ​Kevin has worked at E.L. Harvey & Sons in Westborough, MA for over 25 years establishing himself as the backbone for the company's customer service department. His passion for Customer Service as well as Art and Design makes him the perfect co-owner of this online craft store. Kevin's son, Kyle, has a background in Architecture and Design and works part-time managing the day-to-day operations of the shop while working full-time in Cambridge, MA. The two have years of experience with design and customer service making them complimentary business partners.

What We Do

At Coffeys Creations, crafting your vision is more than a job, it's a promise to you as the customer that great care will be placed in creating your one-of-a-kind masterpiece. Kevin and Kyle take great pride in wanting you, as a customer, to be satisfied and hope that you enjoy their work as much as they do. This small business owes its success to the continued support of it's customers and it's passion for woodworking and welcomes any and all feedback.

Thank you!

~Coffeys Creations~

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