About Us

Owners Kevin Coffey and Kyle Coffey are natives of the town of Westborough, MA. The two of them along with Kevin's wife and mother-in-law moved to the town of Grafton 2 years ago. This father-son duo has always emphasized bringing joy to others through arts and crafts in their own unique way.

Kevin has worked at E.L. Harvey & Sons in Westborough, MA for over 25 years establishing himself as the backbone for the company's customer service department. His passion for customer service as well as art and design makes him the perfect co-owner of this community-friendly shop. Kevin's son, Kyle, works in town over at the Grafton Grill on Bridge street as a server and bartender. The two have years of experience with design and customer service making them complimentary business partners.

Kevin has taught himself and his son everything he knows about home renovations and has done more flooring, closet remodeling and other indoor/outdoor projects than he can remember. In 2018 a couple of big pine trees were taken down for safety purposes in the backyard of the Coffey residence. With more wood than he and his son could fathom, Kevin came up with the idea of making a birdhouse with the surplus of wood just lying around. He made his first few models and soon after Kyle began to show interest in the hobby. The two of them collaborated and decided on a logo, drew up plans for a website and shortly after, the rest became history. Now, Kevin and Kyle are proud to present to you Coffeys Creations! 

Kevin and Kyle take great pride in wanting you, as a customer, to be satisfied and hope that you enjoy their work as much as they do and welcome any and all feedback.

Thank you!

~Coffeys Creations~

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