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At Coffeys Creations our PASSION lies within creating custom birdhouses and miniature home replicas. We follow our own simple process for all orders to convert your special home into something tangible and memorable. When we collaborate with our customers we aim to be as versatile as possible in the design process in order to provide you with the best physical representation of your home in the end.

Custom Birdhouses/Home Replicas
Price Ranges:

Custom Birdhouse or Replica = $500 to $800

**Shipping Not Included**

To get a Quote for your very own Custom Birdhouse or Home Replica please fill out the form on our homepage and we will be happy to assist you!

PLEASE NOTE: Custom Birdhouse and Home Replica Price Quotes may vary depending on a number of factors such as: size of the structure, materials used, details of the structure, landscaping and hours of labor

Birdhouses (Signature)
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